Awale classique: An african strategy game

Awale classique: An african strategy game


Awale classique is an application that allows you to play Awale, an old African strategy game.

It is generally played by two with a tray of 12 squares and 48 seeds.  The player can also play against the program with six possible levels of game.

Each player must in turn takes the seeds of one of its squares and distributes them one by one on the following squares.

The winner is the one who picked the most seeds.

There are many variations of the rules of Awale but this app is based on standard rules of Côte d’Ivoire.
The program contains many other options that you can see by examining the help


Developer: J de Montcheuil

Country : Côte d’Ivoire

Platform : Android

Download link : [Play]

Available : worldwide


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