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Ghana Gospel Music

Gospel music is a Christian music that has its roots in Blues and Negro spirituals. You can listen and watch the videos of Ghana gospel music with this application. Ghana Gospel Music app will help you […]


Burkina Faso Movies :Watch movies on your smartphone

Burkina Faso is the largest film producer in West Africa apart Nigeria. The country is also known for its film festival, FESPACO. Install this app to watch a great collection of new and old Burkina […]


Afrinolly : African movies on your smartphone

Afrinolly is an application that allows users to explore the world of entertainment throughout Africa. You will be able to have a glance at the most popular trailers and celebrities of the day, the latest […]


BUNI TV: Watch Africa Rise

By showcasing the best, most innovative and visually arresting content being currently produced in or about Africa and distributing it new audiences on the continent and abroad, Buni TV intends to revolutionize the African media […]

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