Cornrow braids : Learn how to braid your hair with style

African braids besides being trendy are part of our cultural identity. It is now possible to have stylish hair using Cornrow braids application. This app provides braiding styles and techniques with clear videos, step-by-step tips […]


Awale classique: An african strategy game

Awale classique is an application that allows you to play Awale, an old African strategy game. It is generally played by two with a tray of 12 squares and 48 seeds.  The player can also […]


Amazing Uganda: Discover the wonders of Uganda

If you are planning to visit Uganda, You must have Amazing Uganda in your smartphone. This app contains most of information about Uganda . It includes different modules providing information about Uganda like Tourism Info, […]

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Route des chefferies : Discover the West Cameroon and Bamileke cultural trails

Route des Chefferies is an app that allow the user to discover the West Cameroon and Bamileke cultural trails. Route des Chefferies program is a unique cultural and tourism development in Sub-Saharan Africa, working for […]

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African Manager : the official app of African Manager magazine

African Manager is the application of the electronic magazine African Manager that identifies African managers and specially those of Tunisia. Find complete information on technology, business, stock market etc. Related posts: Africa Map Puzzle : […]


Africa Map Puzzle : A cool puzzle game to reconstruct africa on a map

Africa Map Puzzle  is a classic puzzle game. Here you can move all countries to reconstruct the map of Africa, each piece is the shape of a country.   Related posts: BabyFoot Africa: play the […]

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BabyFoot Africa: play the table-soccer game

Baby-foot (table soccer) is a football table game which is usually played by two teams of two and sometimes one against one. It is played in practically the whole world. Regional, national and international competitions […]


SIPA : west african card game

Spar is a card game played in West Africa especially in Ghana. The same game is played in Togo as the Sipa, in Niger and northern Mali under the name Agram and in Cameroon as […]


Gidigames : a collection of African themed games

Gidigames is a collection of simple African themed games. You will have fun with tile-based puzzles (Puzzlemania), a word slashing game (Lexis)and the classic tic-tac-toe game. Lexis: An original concept local language learning game aimed […]


IRENA Ghana : IRENA’s research on renewable energy

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation. This mobile application illustrates IRENA’s […]

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