Route des chefferies : Discover the West Cameroon and Bamileke cultural trails

Route des Chefferies is an app that allow the user to discover the West Cameroon and Bamileke cultural trails. Route des Chefferies program is a unique cultural and tourism development in Sub-Saharan Africa, working for […]

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Ivoir Quiz : Test your knowledge about Côte d’Ivoire

Ivoir Quiz is the right application to test your general knowledge about Côte d’Ivoire. By participating in the quiz you will get know about the historical facts of Côte d’Ivoire. The application offers a very […]


ADINKRA E-CARDS : create spectacular e-cards with over 100 Adinkra symbols and Kente strips

Have you ever heard of the elegant Adinkra symbols from Ghana? Adinkra is a stamped traditional cloth made by the Asante people of Ghana. The symbols which decorate the cloth are called Adinkra symbols. Each […]