pesaDroid : keep a track of your Mpesa transactions

To generate monthly statements from your mobile money transfer history, pesaDroid is the right tool. This app keeps a track of your Mpesa transactions and helps you manage your transactions. Here are the features: safely store […]


ZebuMob : Categorize your Mpesa transaction into expense or income

Zebumob is an application that takes your Mpesa (mobile phone based money transfer from kenya) transaction and other type of transactions to classified them into either expense or income. Here are the features: For just […]


M-Ledger – M-Pesa Journal : Transform your phone into a financial journal

M-Pesa is a mobile-phone based money transfer where users can easily transfer money with a mobile device. You can transform your phone into a financial journal from your m-pesa transactions with M-Ledger. This application is […]


Ghana Forex: a simple app to convert popular currencies into Ghana Cedi

Ghana Forex is a simple app to convert popular currencies into Ghana Cedi. It automatically updates the current rates and uses a dynamic input interface. You can find buying and selling prices for a particular […]


M tariff (M-Pesa tariff) : consult your M-pesa transaction and withdrawal cost charges

M-Pesa is a mobile-phone based money transfer and currently the most developed mobile payment system in the world. M-Pesa allows users to transfer money easily with a mobile device. M-tariff allows you to control your […]

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SnapScan : your electronic wallet

SnapScan is an application that offers an other way to buy. After installing the app, you just have to link your credit or debit card to this app. You will be able to shop at […]


TrackMyCash : a personal cash manager

TrackMyCash is a personal cash manager. That means It will help you track to inflows and outflows of your money. The graphical illustration and pie charts will let you easily control your expenses. You can […]


Ghana Budget 2013 : Transparency in Finance in Ghana

Like some Western countries where the trend of transparency blows, Ghana comes with this app: Ghana budget for informations on this year’s budget 2013. The development of this app was facilitated by Ghana Center for […]


IBAN tool: create an IBAN with your smartphone

IBAN Tool is a Windows Phone application that can help you create an international bank account number (IBAN). IBAN is an international standard for bank account identification beyond national borders. It was developed by ISO […]



22seven was launched in January 2012. It is an independent and privately owned company funded by Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa, the Hollard Group and a consortium of angel investors. The team is led by Christo […]

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