MoiHealth : Locate the nearest hospitals

MoiHealth is an application tailored to the health industry. It allows users to search for the nearest hospitals using the GPS on their smartphone. This application also provides information on popular diseases like description, symptoms, […]


SOS Ivoire (Numéros utiles) : The app that can save a life

In case of emergency ( medical emergency, assault or even natural disaster) SOS Ivoire is the right application to have in your pocket. It allows you to call, on a single gesture, emergency numbers of Cote […]


SOS Nigeria : The help at the push of a button

SOS Nigeria has been designed to let users have access to emergency services of Nigeria as simply as possible. In case of emergency you can press the appropriate button depending on the urgency. It might be […]


Malaria Signal : Informations about malaria

Malaria remains one of the major causes of mortality in the third world countries although WHO is hard at work to fight this disease. To get the necessary information about the disease, especially for travellers, […]


Pharmacies Garde Côte d’Ivoire : Find the open pharmacies in your area

In medical emergencies, finding an open pharmacy il african countries during the night can be crucial. Pharmacies Garde Cote d’Ivoire will help you access the list of all the open pharmacies in Cote d’Ivoire. The application […]


MEDAFRICA : Mobile health platform.

MedAfrica is a platform for patients and their doctors  to communicate through mobile phones. Easy to use, well designed app it provides a user of the system with a menu that has several options like: […]

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