Malaria Signal : Informations about malaria

Malaria remains one of the major causes of mortality in the third world countries although WHO is hard at work to fight this disease. To get the necessary information about the disease, especially for travellers, […]


ADINKRA E-CARDS : create spectacular e-cards with over 100 Adinkra symbols and Kente strips

Have you ever heard of the elegant Adinkra symbols from Ghana? Adinkra is a stamped traditional cloth made by the Asante people of Ghana. The symbols which decorate the cloth are called Adinkra symbols. Each […]


NKYEA TWI PHRASEBOOK : Learn Twi language on your iPhone or iPad

An interactive Twi language learning app. Twi is is the principal native language of Ghana. The app is packed with more than a 1000 audio words and phrases organized in 16 different categories. You can easily […]