Lagos JonnyWaka : The real-time traffic report and alert mobile app

Anyone living in Lagos know about how heavy the traffic is, especially in its big cities. Lagos JonnyWaka has been developed to relieve road users from Lagos. The App provides a daily traffic report that helps […]


Leti Games

Leti Games is one of very few video games development companies in Africa. they develop mobile games for sale internationally. Categories: Games Platforms: Mobile (All) Based in: Ghana Related posts: blazingchilli limited STREET […]

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PESAPAL : An online and mobile payment system

PesaPal is an online and mobile payment system linking buyers and merchants/sellers. PesaPal fills a gap that previous online payment gateways have missed – the unbanked population or those without internationally acceptable credit/debit cards. Although […]

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IDEA BOUNTY : A platform for crowdsourcing creative Ideas

Idea Bounty is a website that allows clients to ask the world for creative ideas in exchange for a reward, or Bounty. The clients review the submissions and select the best Idea as the Bounty […]

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AYO : West African board game

It is a popular strategy board game that originated in West Africa. The board consists of two rows of six houses, one side for each player. The game begins with four seeds in each of […]

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ZOOPY : Bite-sized videos of the latest news, sports and entertainment

Zoopy is a mobile video platform that brings you bite-sized videos of the latest news, sports and entertainment from South Africa and the world. All produced in-house and made for mobile. Zoopy is well designed, […]

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blazingchilli limited

Blazingchilli is a provider and developer of mobile supporting platforms, allowing organisations to quickly and effectively roll out new mobile service offerings, leveraging standard internet based protocols such as HTTP / HTTPS Blazingchilli provides the […]

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ZING: Chat to friends on almost any phone at ultra-low cost.

The app is very well designed making it fun to use. It also rewards its users with points that they can redeem for various prizes and is available on almost any phone. It is a […]

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BUNI TV: Watch Africa Rise

By showcasing the best, most innovative and visually arresting content being currently produced in or about Africa and distributing it new audiences on the continent and abroad, Buni TV intends to revolutionize the African media […]

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UHASIBU : A cloud based accounting system for small & medium companies in East Africa

Uhasibu the award winning accounting package for SMEs, developed specifically for the legislation and workflows present in Kenya. Improve your financial management by, generating KRA compliant VAT reports with ease, monitor your petty cash, keep track […]

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