Ghana Taxi Rates

If you are visiting Ghana or preparing the budget your trip, Trokxi will help you estimate the taxi fares based on your location and preferred destination. You will thus be able to make better informed decisions […]


GIDITRAFFIC : Give and receive road traffic Information

GIDITRAFFIC has been created to relieve road users from Nigeria. This application let the user give and receive road traffic Information with photos and videos. They will then be able to choose the appropriate road […]


KachTrain : Get the train schedule of Alger

You want to go to a specific location by train in Alger but you don’t know which train to take or the time of departure, KachTrain is for you. With this app you will get […]

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Radars au Maroc : Get the position of Morocco’s radars

Radars au Maroc is an application that warns an automobilist in Morocco of the presence of speed control system near his position. For your safety and others’ it is advised to adopt a reasonable driving. […]


TaxiPark Nigeria : Book taxis with your smartphone

TaxiPark Nigeria is a mobile and web app that will help you book a taxi. You can do it just with the application on your smartphone or you can visit the website and book from there. […]