Simply Witty : The app that provides you pick up lines

It’s a known fact that girls love guys that can make them laugh. For fun or for a date Simply Witty will help you find jokes or pick up lines to spend a good time with […]

editor   Entertainment

Mystified : Turn your phone’s theme into black and white

If you are a big prankster, Mystified will entertain you by making jokes to your friends. this app will let your friends believe that your phone has gone black and white. This theme takes you […]

editor   Game

Amazing Uganda: Discover the wonders of Uganda

If you are planning to visit Uganda, You must have Amazing Uganda in your smartphone. This app contains most of information about Uganda . It includes different modules providing information about Uganda like Tourism Info, […]

editor   Travel

Matatu : Uganda’s most popular card game

Matatu is considered as the most popular Uganda‘s game. It’s a card game which needs two persons to play. The goal of the game is to play all your cards before your opponent. The first […]