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Titrologue : Check the newspapers headlines from your smartphone

Titrologue is the first Windows Phone application that allows you to have a glance at all the newspapers headlines. You can check out magazines’ covers from Ivorian and international media. Everything just with your smartphone. […]


Africa 24 mobile TV : African TV news channel

AFRICA 24 is a world news channel on Africa. It embodies the international Pan-African media and relates 24/7 facts happening on the continent. Africa 24 Mobile TV is a Windows phone application that will help […]


IBAN tool: create an IBAN with your smartphone

IBAN Tool is a Windows Phone application that can help you create an international bank account number (IBAN). IBAN is an international standard for bank account identification beyond national borders. It was developed by ISO […]


CIV Foot: Ivorian football’ news

CIV Foot is a windows phone application made for all football fans who want to follow Ivorian football news. It includes all the current news and twitter feeds from the football of Cote d’Ivoire. You […]


Max 2Foot: International football’ news

Max 2Foot is the successor of Maxi Foot with several improvements, new features and a new interface for a better comfort of its users. Max 2Foot application allows you to stay up to date with […]


Maxi Foot : international football’ news

Maxi foot is a windows phone application that will surely please all the football fans. If you want all the news about international football, the latest results of world cups or leagues, be up to […]

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